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How many times would we have liked leave annoying groups in which we met (despite ourselves) without anyone noticing? How often Did harassing screenshots at the expense of privacy get us in trouble? All this will end with the news that mark zuckerberg announced with the next updates of the most used messaging application in the world. It was the CEO himself who announced important news about privacy: “You can leave groups without others receiving the notification, control who can see if you are connected and avoid screenshots of ephemeral messages. We will continue to build new ways to secure your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations,” he wrote on Facebook.

The other news was announced on Twitter directly from WhatsApp: “Are you rethinking your message? – this is how the tweet begins – Now you have a little over two days to remove it from your chats after sending ito”. This function is already active. In practice, if we have a second reflection on what we have written, We will no longer have an hour, as before, but more than 24 hours to retrace our steps and delete the message. You can delete messages by long pressing on the text and selecting “delete for everyone”, and no one will read that content again.

The novelties that will be shortly are three. The first is leaving the groups without anyone noticing. The only one who knows will be the administrator.and, but all other participants will not notice our exit. To “quietly” exit chats, simply select the three dots that appear at the top right of your smartphone screen, and then click “other.” Here, where we now have the phrase “leave the group”, we will add the specification that only administrators will be aware of our decision.

then it will be possible hide if we are online for some users. WhatsApp has decided to implement the status function, adding the possibility of hiding from some subjects whether or not we are active at that moment. To “make ourselves invisible” to some of our WhatsApp contacts we will have to enter the “privacy” settings of our account and then select “last access and online” (now it is only “last access”) and from there indicate in our list of contacts to keep abreast of our conversations.

Perhaps among the novelties that will arrive the most beloved are the option that makes it impossible to take screenshots of conversations. Ephemeral messages, that is, those that are deleted once viewed, are widely used by users. “We are now blocking the ability to take screenshots of these messages – we read on the WhatsApp blog – to offer an additional level of protection.” The functionality is being tested. Once this function is activated, we will be able to indicate, probably before sending the message, if we want to prevent the person or the chat that will receive the message from taking the screenshot.

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