Wall plug voice commands: 3 features and absolute novelties

Needless to say, technology is increasingly present in our lives and often allows surprising evolutions of objects that are in common use, but that can be enriched with new and interesting features. Even a wall socket can become an object to interact with vocally, thanks to home automation. Let’s find out together!

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Wall plug voice commands

to talk of smart House or if you prefer it smart, you have to be able to trust devices and solutions capable of communicating and receiving commands in an innovative way. We all have common sockets at home, but if these could be turned on and then activate or deactivate the devices connected to them, simply by following a voice commandhow could our life change and become simpler? It is not a science fiction scenario.but something that already exists today.

Wall plug voice commands

1. Voice controlled home automation socket

Wall plug voice commands

Innovation is concretely useful and destined to spread when it simplifies life. A new generation of devices is born from the fusion of technological innovation and simplicity capable of responding and adapting to the requests and needs of consumers, practically in real time.

Thanks to integration with already popular voice assistants, such as Alexaalready today various models of wall sockets allow you to use your own voicein a very natural way, to activate numerous home automation functions.

Not only turn the light on or off in one or more rooms, but adjust its intensity, color and more. Also, have some smart plugs, voice controllablethe control extends to all the electrical appliances, albeit a bit old-fashioned, connected to them. A simple idea, but very effective and therefore quickly spread.also thanks to costs that in most cases are definitely sustainable, by practically anyone.

2. Voice activated switches and dimmers

Wall plug voice commands

the wall socketit usually has one or more switches and one or more outlets. There are practically infinite models and possible configurationsFor example, they are becoming more and more popular. outlets that provide one or more USB inputs, useful for charging smartphones and other devices.

In more advanced models, we can not only control the behavior of the plugs with our voice or with pre-established and automated commands and consequently of the devices connected to it, but also act on the switches, which will not necessarily have 2 states: on or off.

Today, more and more frequently, in the latest generation of wall sockets, the switches are actually dimmers.. The dimmer is an accessory that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. Its name derives from the English “to dim” what it means precisely dim or dim the light. In Italian it is also called dimmer or dimmer. In the modern home, home automation, we can not only say “turn on the light” either “Turn off the light”but also “reduce brightness” or maybe “Create some atmosphere”.

3. Voice-controlled Wi-Fi smart plugs

Wall plug voice commands

What it takes to make a homeperhaps built several decades ago, more current, even smart and ready for home automation? A home automation or smart home is a home in which the various devices communicate with each other and, of course, with those who live therereceive and send information, useful for a better and broader performance of related tasks.

To make the different parts of the house and the different devices communicate, a good approach is to start with the systemsIn particular Wi-Fi will play a central role in a smart homeprovided you don’t want to run cables everywhere.

In addition to a well-connected home, it will be important to intervene in the electrical system, for example, by adopting the latest generation wall sockets that it is no coincidence that they connect to Wi-Fi and do so open to a world of possibilities, such as remote control from a smartphone or connection with virtual assistants that can be controlled by voice (Think for example of those of Amazon or Google).

Asking your voice assistant for the weather forecast or to play your favorite song is convenient, but it expands its potential, allowing you, for example, to turn on the lights or the television, simply by using your voice and saying a commandit has potentially implications capable of revolutionizing the way we live and understand the home. These technologies already exist, they also cost quite little and it is no coincidence that they are spreading rapidly.

Predicting how much and how they will evolve further is not easy, but we can probably be sure that this evolution will be rapid and, at times, truly surprising.. Nothing to worry about as long as the focus is clear, which is to make our life as easy as possible.

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There are small objects, accessories present in the home, which are often not given special attention, but which can be the protagonists of a silent, but progressive, continuous and potentially revolutionary technological innovation. A good example of this is wall sockets, which more and more often can also be controlled remotely or simply by speaking. In our photo gallery some suggestions to choose from.

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