The bitter land advances: Demir and Cengaver’s trap against Yilmaz and Fekeli

Fekeli e Yilmaz / Terra amara

In one of our previous posts dedicated to progress next’s italian episodes of bitter earththe new ratings champion of Turkish fiction, we tell you about a furious fight that will break out between historical friends demir yaman (Murat Ünalmış) and Cengaver Cimen (Kadim Yaşar) in the middle of an evening at a nightclub.

All this, however, will be part of a great deception that will endanger the life of Yilmaz Akaya (Uğur Güneş) and the “godfather” Ali Rahmet Fekeli (Kerem Alisik). Let’s see together why…

Terra Amara, news: the false fight between Demir and Cengaver

Cengaver and Demir appear to be arguing when the former harasses a stripper from the nightclub. At that time, the Yaman will invite the friend to calm down but, when he doesn’t get what he wants, he will start hitting him. It goes without saying that the next day Cukurova will not talk about anything else, so much so that Yilmaz will choose to make a move with Cengaver and ask him to go into business with him to create an industrial company capable of giving all workers who have the same Rights.

On the one hand, Cengaver will emphasize that before deciding what to do, he needs to talk to the person who gave him all the economic possibilities overnight, that is Fekeli, on the other hand, it will be clear that Cengaver himself has made fun of him. our protagonist. : We will understand when the man meets Demir and, with a smile, tells him that the plan to destroy the two enemies has definitely started.

Terra Amara spoiler: Demir and Cengaver try to kill Fekeli and Yilmaz

Oh yes: since Fekeli will be reckless in letting herself be seen by Hunkar (Vahide Perçin) Despite the false obituary of his account published in the newspaper, Demir will have no problem putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and will understand that he is the “godfather” of the hated Yilmaz. Therefore, the husband Zuleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) will not hesitate to set up his fight with Cengaver to push Yilmaz (and consequently Fekeli) out.

Not surprisingly, Cengaver tells Yilmaz to meet Fekeli at an abandoned facility so they can talk. It is actually a place where, with Demir’s help, Cengaver himself will have planted very powerful bombs. The two friends will therefore detonate the bombs when they are convinced that Akkaya and her godfather are inside the building, and subsequently rejoice at her departure.

Fortunately, the matter will not go as the bad guys had predicted…

Terra Amara, plots: Yilmaz and Fekeli are saved and…

In fact, we can anticipate that, in turn, Fekeli had fallen into the trap of Demir and Cengaver, which is why will be able to save him and Yilmaz.

In short, the enemies will have been put to the test in a war that will be increasingly full of twists and turns. All this while the explosion of the building will be cataloged as one more anarchist attack that occurred in Cukurova against the powerful classes. However, this will not stop Fekeli from carrying out his plan to take revenge on Yaman. What will it consist of? Other advances of Terra amara on Telegram.

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