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Reload from vacation 2 / After Michele’s misadventures, with the columns imprisoned by concerts and festivals (photo), it’s up to another reader to tell about himself. Traveling takes you out of the usual routine, an experience to share, especially if it is the first time. Anyone who wishes to participate can write to

of michele ravagni

“YesI am a satisfied owner of one Nissan Leaf and + with battery 62kWh September 2020. When my second child was born, I replaced mine, with some regret Alfa 159 SW Ti 2.4 with the electric. Taking advantage of the incentives, of course, but also hoping to do good for our future generations..

reload on vacation 2
Enel X recharging in Baragazza (photo: Chargemap).

Holiday Recharge 2 / The Frantic Search for a CHAdeMO Charging Station

Costume in Trento and I also use the electric car for vacations at the beach, last year with a couple of refills We have arrived to Terracina. This year we decided to go to sea ​​mass and walk around. Departure from Trento late at night, to recharge on the motorway you would have to stop at the service station Bucket, near Modena. I arrive with 50% battery, the children are asleep, we decided to move on. I want to stop at Barberino del Mugellobut the applications say that the CHAdeMO it’s under maintenance. A bit of concern because in the Apennines there are few columns and the uphill load descends quickly. They say there is one Enel X in Baragazza1,000 inhabitants immersed in the Apennines, a few kilometers from the exit Roncobilaccio (Telepass does not work, the operator opens it). arrived with 10% batterya little incredulous, I find the column, I go online and look for a bar to have breakfast.

reload on vacation 2
Michele’s Leaf has a 62 kWh battery, 385 km of autonomy

The closest column? In the Conad of the neighboring town…

Meanwhile, the whole family joins me in the town square that is waking up. An image from another time: a garbage can carefully cleaning a stretch of sidewalk, people buying the newspaper, someone looking for the first coffee of the day. They all know each other. Children also find a small playground. I take this opportunity to remove 90% of the load. My daughter says it’s the most beautiful stop in the world. After an hour and a half we are back on the road. we arrived to Maritime mass with 30% and we sat at the B&B. I’m looking for the nearest column, one Path X of Enel in the parking lot of Conad from the country. More than the closest it is the only one in the area!!! It is 5 km, very well I think, I go immediately to have the car ready for the next day. I find aAudi t-tron connected to AC chargingNo matter the CHADEMO It’s free. So I understand why. CC doesn’t work!!!“.

reload on vacation 2A German tourist can’t load: I give him his seat…

I go back to the room, review in the afternoon. I find the place occupied by one BMW with German registration and a German tourist with a van mercedes eqv trying to use CCS to no avail. After dinner, I see that the station is free, but I go there. I reserve it I arrive immediately and there is the German again with the van that has been accompanied. more than 30 km away leave the car overnight. Can’t charge. I’ll show him I booked it. That’s why it doesn’t work, for him… In fact I i can load As I am close and he must return to the one who accompanied him, I leave my place and I go home with the promise that the next morning he will leave me his. We exchange the phone number. And the next morning, a little late, he arrives with the owner of the structure where he sleeps and we make the exchange. We take it for a bit of a laugh, he tells me that’s so why we are pioneers.

Holiday recharge 2 / Fast and widespread recharge is needed

A friend picks me up and I leave the car until the afternoon for a100% true. Obviously the friend also brings me to pick it up… I do a Google search to find that in Grosseto they celebrated the first column in 2021, the first step towards electric mobility… A year later I bought the car!!! What I think is that there has been no drama, we have everyone recharged our car, there have been some funny curtains… Although the German tourist would not have been able to return the next day like me with the remaining autonomy and would not have had fun looking at my reservation. And, as my daughter says, we made it the most beautiful loading stop in the world. But I think we have to be faster if we want to modernize Italy. We must equip ourselves with functional, generalized and fast recharges. For those of us who live there and for tourists. And where the private initiative does not arrive, the public administrations must arrive. W Italy!“.

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