Paolo Bonolis, surprising scoop: that girl is not Sonia’s

Paolo Bonolis has a daughter from another woman, the truth comes out! It is Sonia Bruganelli who publishes a photo with her husband and a little girl, but she is not her daughter.

Paolo Bonolis is one of the most important presenters on Italian television and over the years he has been able to entertain the public with his famous shows, thanks also to his comedic gags together with Luca Laurenti and the innovation he brought to television. .

We are not here to reiterate the great culture, professionalism and talent that distinguish Bonolis as a man and as a director, as we have seen over the years in the numerous television broadcasts he made, dividing between Rai and Mediaset. Among his cult programs we mention: Let’s go another, Hello Darwin and Who deceived Peter Pan?.

For many years he has been romantically linked with Sonia Bruganellirecently became a columnist on reality shows Big Brother Vip with Adriana Volpe.

Paolo Bonolis, as we have said several times and as is well known, has made history on Italian television and his programs have achieved the greatest success thanks also to the innovative character that has distinguished them from the other products offered at the same time. knowing how to exceed the usual standards.

But Bonolis is also an intellectually very interesting man who has had many women from the entertainment world by his side, some of them have tried to win him over, Laura Freddi, for example, was successful. In fact, she was Bonolis’s girlfriend for a period of her life and for precisely five years, from 1990 to 1995.

Precisely Sonia Bruganelli has published a photograph with her husband and in the company of a little girl who, however, as many have noticed, is not one of the three children she had with her husband. As we know, Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis had three children: Davide, Sara and Adele. Who then is the mysterious boy?

Who is the daughter of Paolo Bonolis from a previous relationship?

But the three children that Sonia Bruganelli had are not the only offspring of Bonolis, there are also Stefano and Martina, from a previous marriage with an American. They lived in America for many years, together with his mother, while Bonolis began his career as a conductor.

Paolo Bonolis, fresh from the success of his autobiographical book because i was talking to myself, where, among other things, we read about the relationship he had with his older children who saw little growing up and who lived intermittently. Her children are now adults and have a life in the United States. When they married, Bonolis flew to the United States with her current family to celebrate.

Over time, the relationship with the older children has been consolidated and Sonia Bruganelli also has an excellent relationship with them and with their mother, Diane Zoeller, a psychologist.

The story began in 1983 and ended in 1988, in 1981 Martina was born, who recently married with the joy and pride of her father who accompanied her to the altar. The same day of the happy event Sonia took many photographs and in one of them Martina appears between her father Paolo and Sonia. And just by looking at this photo, the comments of the fans were unleashed, she is not the daughter of Sonia and Paolo. Those who did not know the history of Bonolis and her previous marriage have made a thousand hypotheses and among these was also that of a secret daughter with the ex-historian, Laura Freddi.

It also seems that the love affair with the latter, oddly enough given Bonolis’s life, ended because of Laura’s desire for motherhood. Bonolis in 1990 already had her first two children and had no intention of having more. As Bonolis has revealed many times, he was very young at the time and made his children with a certain “recklessness”, he was not ready. The three that the second wife had instead were made with greater awareness and maturity.

For her part, Laura Freddi became a mother in 2018 with her partner Leonardo D’Amico.

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