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One Piece 1056: what are the three islands that Luffy, Law and Kid will land on? Let’s find out thanks to a special volume.

In One Piece chapter 1056, a map is shown that represents the three islands accessible from Wano thanks to the Log Pose.

One Piece Chapter 1056: “Crusader Guild”

As you can see in the image, apart from the address nothing else is indicated, so normally we should not know the name of the island where they will step on Luffy, Law and Kid. Actually, this is not the case. Eiichiro Oda has already revealed the next half of him to us.

The same map, in fact, appeared in a One Piece special volume published last year showing the places where Oda had been inspired to create his own world. In this volume the three islands were reported under his own name (and with a question mark). Obviously, now that the image also appeared in the manga, we can consider the exact information. Or at least take it as highly likely. This is the image:

one piece 1056

The names of the three islands are respectively: (the one indicated as L’Illa del Pirata, or the island of the Pirates)

Law that will follow the Northeast, will land on the island of the giants and the choice is interesting. You know, after the alliance and the chemistry between the surgeon and the Straw Hat crew, I wasn’t expecting a split. I thought we’d take him into Laugh Tale, also because readers really like him as a character.

trafalgar law

The fact that I’m going to Elbaf however, it could mean that the split is only temporary. We know very well that Luffy and the others will visit the Island of Giants and maybe when they do, they will find Law there.

Straw Hat, on the other hand, going southeast, will set foot on Sphinx. The island of Whitebeard, where Marco was and where Portgas D. Ace rests.

one piece 1045 one piece 1053

On this island Luffy could visit his brother’s grave, we could also have a meeting with Weeble. The supposed son of Whitebeard is looking for Marco and Luffy, and he is also a character that has appeared relatively recently. His story must continue and what better option than Whitebeard’s home island to see it?

In the end Little boy. Let’s be honest: he was the most unlucky. Kid should go to Hachinosu, the Pirate Island ruled by Blackbeard. Teach may not be here, but if he wasn’t for Eustass he would be a dick. This could be an opportunity to ensure that Blackbeard took over the Road Poneglyphs by Kid. And there is a possibility that the room, the missing one, is right in his hands.

little boy

Think about it, the Road Poneglyph that there is no news about is the one we saw during Roger’s flashback on Fish-Man Island. And who took control of that island after Roger’s death? White beard. And who was in Santa’s crew? To teach. Who knows, maybe after Newgate’s death, Blackbeard took the opportunity to steal the Way.

For me, by the way, Blackbeard has adopted what I call vegeta’s strategy. If you remember Namec, the Saiyan prince implemented this plan: take possession of a single dragon ball, hide it and wait for the others to come to him to take possession of the balls from him. If one is missing, the dragon cannot be summoned.

Maybe Blackbeard took a path and waited for someone to come to him to defeat him and steal his. If this plan is carried out, Teach would meet Ben 3 Road as well as Luffy. And in the end, only the final battle would be missing.

Obviously, he would regret the Kid, but as much as he is a great character, he is likely to be beaten one step away from Laugh Tale. In the end we know that One Piece will be played by others. And losing to Straw Hat’s last foe wouldn’t be so dishonorable.

I have not included stems (and Buggy in this talk). Both, however, represented loose mines, especially the Red. At the moment it’s impossible to understand his true intentions, he could just sit idly by and then intervene at the end of it all.

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