Official Galaxy Z Fold4: with Google and Microsoft is the true multitasking

There is a new Galaxy Fold4, from the outside it looks identical to the previous model, but there are a lot of small non-trivial innovations. The waterproof Armor Aluminum body remains, but the resistance of the glass and the type of coating used improve, which should minimize the visibility of a crease that is still noticeable against the light. Samsung hasn’t changed the hinges either: when closed, the small gap remains visible if you look at the smartphone from below.

Samsung has also optimized other small details, such as the thickness of the internal frames: a few millimeters are gained around the 7.6″ screen and the aspect ratio is also slightly changed: the 7.6″ 2208 Dynamic AMOLED 2X x 1768 on the Fold3 becomes a 7.6″ from 2176 x 1812 on the Fold4, while the front screen remains the same, always from 6.2″ with an aspect ratio of 23.1:9. The weight also drops slightly, 263 grams: the 10 grams less are all felt in the hands.

As for the Flip4, the Fold4 has also undergone an internal review: the 12 GB of RAM are flanked by the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 + which in a product of this type makes a lot of sense, also because more than a phone it is a tablet that is fold. .

Samsung has also improved the cameras: the main one is now 50 megapixels, probably an Isocell JN1 sensor, flanked by a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle and a 10 megapixel 3x telephoto lens that, thanks to the spatial zoom algorithm, can reach 30x, taking advantage of obviously the interpolation.

On the subject of cameras, the UDC, or the 4-megapixel camera under the screen, also changes: Samsung has revised the pixel layout in the camera area below the screen and now, when the camera is off, the screen seems much more compact. However, it is not a totally invisible camera, approaching the eye you can see the difference in the upper part.

In front of the Flip the Fold it has a Type C port with USB 3.0 video output, we are facing a product of another level. However, the real novelty is the software part: without a proper operating system, a product like the Fold risks remaining exceptional hardware for service, and that is why Samsung has invested heavily in the application part. .

The Fold4 is the first device equipped with Android 12L, the special version of Android created by Google for experiences on large screens, such as foldable screens. Samsung has adapted its OneUI to work with this version, designing a new taskbar that features a PC-like layout and allows you to access your favorite and recent apps. With a single gesture it is now possible to go from full-screen applications to pop-up windows or split the screen in half for more multitasking possibilities, multitasking that has evolved thanks to alliances with Google and Microsoft.

As for Google, its apps, including Chrome and Gmail, support drag and drop, allowing you to quickly copy and paste links, photos, and more from one app to another. Also, by using Google Meet, you can connect with more people by enabling split-screen sharing experiences such as a game or movie in real time. On the Microsoft side, the entire Office suite has been optimized for use on the flip screen, with a reorganized interface and much clearer space management.

It always remains S-Pen and in our opinion the biggest flaw of this product is the fact that Samsung I didn’t find any way to insert the S-Pen into the body like you did with the S22 Ultra. S-Pen is still external, the insertion inside the Fold would have resulted in the further reduction of an already small battery, it is 4400 mAh.

Galaxy Z Fold4 will be available in the Italian market in the following configurations: 12GB + 256GB at a recommended price of €1,879, 12GB + 512GB at a recommended price of €1,999 and 12GB + 1TB starting at €2,249 exclusively on Also for the Fold there will be pre-order in Italy from August 10 with one year of Samsung Care + to cover falls or cracks of the screen.

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