Morgan lashes out (again) at Amadeus: “He forgot respect…”

Morgan speak again today Corriere della Seralashing out Amadeo and once again against Bugo.

Often at the center of controversy over him, marco castoldi in art MorganHe usually expresses his opinion frankly and quite incisively, in this regard he revealed:

Because we want to give space only to that, not to the reasoning behind it. I am a committed human being and not only as a composer. I teach, I write books. I haven’t released singles in ten years, but now I want to go back to the market because I feel strong and I understand that we have to act. I care about young talent, I don’t want them to be corrupted by rampant greyness.

In these ten years, however Morgan He also did a lot of television, we also remember his participation in the last edition of dancing with the stars. Here he was highly appreciated by the public, looking like one of the eligible candidates for the show. But even here he has not resisted being at the center of the controversy. In fact, in an aired episode, had a big row with the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli, with whom he had an affair years ago.

But now his intention is to return to music, his true love:

Now I want to republish songs in a canonical way, using record channels, even though record labels are the furthest from the essence of music. As much as Amadeo. The public must know that beneath what is proposed there is a wonderful universe, suffocated by the stillness and ignorance of those who manage the market.

Unmissable the thrust of Morgan by Amadeoguilty of having excluded him from the cast of the Great in the last edition of Festival of 2021, when he preferred to have with him Bugo. To reveal how his “collaboration” with the TV presenter was born:

he had wanted me in his program loves San Remo, where he selected the young proposals because he knows I’m good at it. Then she forgot to respect the person and took over the interests of the record companies. I agreed to sing with Bugo to fight a negative system from within. That said, it would take a degree to be artistic directors of the Festival, Amadeo he hasn’t had one and yet he’s been doing it for four years: not even a Baudo had passed, and to say that he knows how to play the piano, writes songs…

The former partner of Asian Argentinian He also took the opportunity to remove some pebbles from his shoe against his former partner Bugo:

Of Bugo I don’t care about anything, rather it was him who was so obsessed with success that he even overlooked a friend. Mine had been a libertarian action against bullying and ignorance. They used me to get into a San Remo and then vilified. Ironically I responded to his rudeness: so I gave him success, I did my job, I did my duty.

In the end Morgan concluded as follows:

Annoying but I serve, that’s why I get invited everywhere. My goal, however, is to give an economic value to culture, as did battalion: It has never been aligned, it has always been revolutionary, but it managed to stay within the market. I hope you understand and soon commission me a musical program: no one but me would know how to do it.

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