Jovanotti, fed up with the attacks against Jova’s beach parties: “The econazis are dangerous mythomaniacs: they give them the gloom of a Holy Inquisition”

Jovanotti is not here to collect the criticism that has been persecuting him for his own for days jova beach party, essential events for fans, as absurd for environmentalists. The last to beat Lorenzo Cherubini was Professor mario tozzigeologist and scientific communicator, who in an open letter addressed to the singer and published on August 9 in The impressionmaintained that “concerts with 50,000 people are not sustainable by any natural system“. Jovanotti’s response came today, August 10, in a post on Facebook, which starts from that “reckless” name «economists»With which the artist had initially defined the most avid environmentalists in front of his concerts on the beach.

The post on Facebook in response to Mario Tozzi

He goes down even stronger in the long public outburst and calls them “dangerous myths that violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that they only credit for themselves and for the tastes that have corrected nonsense.” Then, addressing Professor Tozzi directly, he continues: “I’ve been following your work as a scientist and popularizer for a long time and I remember when you defended our beach parties in 2019, so I don’t understand what has changed in the meantime. . As in 2019, everything was done well in collaboration with WWF (I don’t have specific skills, they do), even better. We have all the permits from the competent local, regional and national authorities”, explained Jovanotti, who is scheduled for Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of August. Roccella Jonica for the next big beach concert.

The one that was done in preparation for each Jova Beach Party, recalls the singer, was “a long monitoring and investigation work of the national WWF, who coordinated a team of technicians and experts, surveyed each square meter and evaluated all aspects so that everything always took place in areas without ecological criticality of any kind. Really, from what I have been able to verify and trusting people with experience who support us in this adventure, I have nothing to regret”, said Lorenzo Cherubini. «The beaches where we play are popular places always full of people […]we never go, not even once, to places where there is the possibility of nesting of the fratino or the presence of caretta caretta or other protected animal or plant species».

In fact, he added, “the beach of Lido di Fermo is no longer ‘natural’ than Hyde Park or the grass of San Siro.” Therefore, he concluded, “making JBP an ecological target is simply absurd. This “Holy Inquisition” pessimism that someone wants to instill into the environmental issue using JBPs is especially counterproductive for the environment.” Without neglecting the invitation to Professor Tozzi to personally verify the validity of his statements: “You are serious, you are someone who knows things and also knows how to communicate them -said Jovanotti-: I invite you to see for yourself what we do , wherever you want, I can also offer you fresh fruit in compostable containers, or a beer at sunset if you want».

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