Jovanotti defends his ‘Beach Party’ again: “The econazis are dangerous mythomaniacs”

Jovanotti insists: “Econazis are dangerous mythomaniacs.” The singer responds to the criticism received by the concerts on the beach. “I called the other day economists those dangerous myths that violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that are only credited for themselves and for the tastes that they randomly remedy. I called them eco-Nazis because they are.” Thus begins the long post with which Jovanotti in Facebook answers to the teacher mario tozzigeologist and scientific communicator, who in an open letter addressed to lorenzo cherubiniand published yesterday in the newspaper The impressionmaintains that: “The concerts with 50 thousand people are not sustainable by any natural system”.

To the geologist, author of the article. Dear Jovanotti, this time you are wrong, Jovanotti he replies: “I’ve been following your work as a scientist and popularizer for a long time and I remember when you defended our beach parties in 2019, so I don’t understand what has changed in the meantime.” And he continues: “Just as in 2019 everything was done well in collaboration with the WWF (I don’t have specific skills, they do), even better. We have all the permits from the competent local, regional and national authorities – recalls Cherubini, who will stop on Friday and Saturday in Roccella Jonica with the jova beach party – A long follow-up and investigation work by the national WWF, which coordinated a team of technicians and experts, surveyed every square meter and evaluated all the issues so that everything always happened in areas without ecological criticality of any kind”.

With Jovanotti backstage at the Jova Beach Party: “We are a sailboat that returns after the storm”

by Gino Castaldo

“Really, from what I have been able to verify and trusting in expert people who support us in this adventure, I have nothing to regret”, emphasizes the artist, and explains: “the beaches where we play are popular places always full of people. ” and that “we never go, not even once, to places where there is the possibility of nesting of the fratino or the presence of caretta caretta or other protected animal or plant species” and, in fact, that “the beach of Lido di Fermo does not It’s more ‘natural’ than Hyde Park or the grass at the San Siro.” For this: “make of JBP an ecological objective is simply absurd. This sadness gives holy inquisition that someone wants to infuse the environmental theme using JBP – concludes Jovanotti – it is especially counterproductive for the environment. ” That is why the singer invites the geologist Chubby “to see for yourself what we do.”

Meanwhile, the accusations float on Twitter: “Six Jovanotti and instead of protecting the beaches, protect your tweets”. New accusations on Twitter, against the singer, 3.7 million followers, accused of having ‘blocked’ his profile, making it accessible only to confirmed followers. Only the latest controversy against the artist, accused of destroying the ecosystem of the beaches that host his concerts jova beach party. Cherubini responded to his detractors with a lengthy Instagram direct from Lido di Fermo, giving economists to those who criticize him and emphasizing that “ours is a well-done project that takes the environment into account”. Meanwhile, more than 20 thousand people have signed a petition on saying ‘No to big events on beaches and natural sites’, launched by environmental and animal welfare associations such as Enpa, Lav, Marevivo Onlus and Sea Shepherd Italia. .

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