How much is a used Rolex watch worth? the answer will surprise you

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Do you want to know how much a used Rolex watch is really worth? The answer will surprise you, as it could be very different from what you expect. Generally, a used object systematically loses its value compared to the new one. This is not always the case with Rolex. These objects are so desired that they tend to appreciate over time.

We will give some practical examples that will make you understand how much you could earn over time by buying a Rolex today. On the other hand, buying a Rolex has long been considered a form of investment. An investment that can also go a long way if you have the luck and the ability to intercept a reference appreciated by a showman, a VIP, an actor that will give the object a new visibility. We understand better what we are talking about.

How much is a used Rolex watch worth?

A used Rolex can really be worth a lot. Much, almost everything, depends on the reference -which identifies the model- and its state of conservation. The closer it is to the original, the higher the selling price. Rolex has a large number of models in its catalog, and each of them has different references related to the year of production. Therefore, understanding what a Pre-Owned Rolex can do for those preparing to buy one can be very difficult.

Just as an example, we report how the Rolex Daytona reference 116500LN, produced in 2016, starts today from a sale value of 22 thousand euros compared to an original price of just over 12 thousand euros. But this is an example in still small proportions: the Cosmograph Daytona 16520 from 1988 can be worth 100 thousand euros, while the “Paul Newman” 6239 is worth up to 150 thousand euros.

Another historical model like the Rolex Submariner also shows these very strong oscillations according to the reference model. The reference 14060 or 114060, both in stainless steel, have a value between 6,700 and 6,900 euros. According to specialized sites, the average of a used Rolex Submariner is around 12,500 euros, but with very high peaks: the Comx, for example, are a valuation range between 32 thousand and 100 thousand euros.

Buy or sell a used rolex: how to do it

First of all, it is necessary to estimate the watch, verify its originality and state of conservation, in order to establish the right price. It is good to rely on the experience of an expert jeweler, even better if he is registered in the appropriate roles in the reference court. The reference and the serial number of the watch are essential to determine the original sale price and to make a first current estimate. Both the watch, obviously, and the accompanying warranty and box are integral components of the item. These last two are decisive factors in the evaluation.

In fact, it should always be considered that the Rolex market is one of the most subject to counterfeiting. The presence of the accompaniment guarantees whoever buys the goodness of the object, and allows whoever sells to ask for a higher quantity, completely eliminating any mistrust that might arise. Another fundamental point is that the repairs and maintenance have seen replacements made with 100% original components.

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