Gaming Week eBay: Up to 50% off the best games for PS4 and 5, Nintendo Switch and accessories

Here are the best eBay deals on video games for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, consoles and accessories, up to 50% off for Gaming Week: “Minecraft”, wireless headphones, “Among us” and much more.

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For him game enthusiasts the video gamethe console they accessories are never enough: a pleasant and fun pastime, but also an adrenaline or exciting one. Sometimes, however, this type of product can be inconvenient from an economic point of view.

To buy a PS4 game, a gaming chair or headphones without having to spend too much, well, eBay throw the game weekproviding a series of Unmissable promotions on video games, consoles and accessories, with discounts of up to 50%.

Below you will find the best eBay of the week in many articles for games: video games compatible with PlayStation and Nintendo Switch such as Minecraft, let’s get fit either Among usthe console ps5 and many others.

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The best discounts on video games, consoles and accessories for eBay Gaming Week

On the occasion of the game weekwe have selected for you eBay’s best deals on video games, consoles and accessoriesin discount up to 50%: wireless headphones, the gaming chair, the PlayStation 5 and many video games, chosen among the most famous and attractive on the market.

50% Off Xtreme Arkan On-Ear Gaming Headset– For an immersive gaming experience, the Xtreme Arkan headset is a must-have accessory. In fact, they allow you to pay attention to every moment of the game, without ever losing focus. In addition, they are also practical and wireless. Compatible with consoles PS4 and PS5they are also equipped with a comfortable microphone.

-40% in video games Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Perfect for Mario fans, this video game lets you go on an epic quest with an exceptional team, through uncharted worlds, puzzles, and traps, to restore order and serenity to the Mushroom Kingdom. It is compatible with the console. nintendo switch.

-37% on the Nintendo Switch Lite console– Compact and convenient, this console with integrated controls is perfect for gaming on the go and even lets you play multiplayer cooperative or competitive, for a maximum of 8 participants. It has a screen 5.5 incheswith resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixelsand is compatible with most Nintendo Switch software that includes handheld mode.

-35% in the video game “Minecraft” for PS4 and PS5: After the success of previous versions, the Minecraft video game is improved for PS4 and PS5, adding new content. During the game, in fact, you can visit the Minecraft Marketplace and buy digital items (worlds, skins, mini-games and more). The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch versionon offer in 25%.

26% discount on the video game Among Us Crewmate Edition for PS5: perfect for those who love me cooperative or competitive video games, “Among Us” allows you to live a space adventure together. The object of the game is keep the spaceship intact Y return to civilization, tracking alien traitors and impostors. You can choose to become an astronaut and fulfill all the assigned tasks or, on the contrary, an impostor, to sow panic among the crew.

25% off Let’s Get Fit-Bundle Edition Video Game for Nintendo Switch: Perfect to keep fit at homethis video game designed by Koch Media allows you to perform custom programs, train a specific group of muscles and track your activities. Also, to keep motivation high, you can unlock levels and win trophies, as well as modulate the intensity of the fitness sessions.

-22% on the MT Distribution gaming chair: Ideal for experiencing comfortable and immersive gaming sessions, this gaming chair is made of Faux Leather high quality. has a Ergonomic design, able to adapt to the natural conformation of the body. In addition, it is characterized, at the rear, by the vintage Juventus logo and with iconic black and white details.

-21% in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Nintendo Switch: After the previous two exciting versions, the third chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles offers players aexciting new adventure: six soldiers will embark on an epic journey, whose common thread will be life itself. the video game is compatible with nintendo switch.

-20% in the FIFA 23 video game for PS5: The Fifa video game needs no introduction, a real cult for fans of the genre. In this version, compatible with PS5, the gaming experience becomes even more realistic and intuitive. You will be able to go out into the field for the first time with the women’s clubs and take advantage of cross-play functionality to challenge friends. Finally, you can define your personality as a footballer or pretend to be the most famous coaches.

-16% on the Sony PlayStation 5 console: Sony’s next-generation console is a true gaming gem. With a light and futuristic design, this console is characterized by haptic feedback support, adaptive triggers Y 3D Ray Tracing audio technology. Also, mount aultra high speed SSD drivedesigned to provide a super fast charging and an immediate response to external inputs.

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