Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro: fitness, outdoor and a lot of autonomy

For Samsung smartwatch means health, and the fifth generation of Galaxy Watch represents a clear evolution in the help that technology provides in the relationship between a person and their body.

Two dial sizes available, 40mm and 44mm, always round to maintain compatibility with already developed applications.

Samsung has changed the sensor on the back: BioActive, that’s the name of the sensor introduced last year in the Watch 4, manages with a single processor to manage three different health sensors, heart rate (optical), electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis. Thanks to the larger surface area and better adherence to the wrist, the new version is even more accurate in detecting heart rate, blood oxygen levels and stress levels, and can now work together with the other sensors present among them. , such as temperature. detection.

A product designed not only for athletes but also for those who want to keep the state of the body under control: Samsung has improved the interface making it productive and now, after having carried out the complete body analysis, the Watch can also suggest and propose workouts. customized to improve. Advice that also arrives for those who train, with the Galaxy Watch5 offering recovery data and personalized advice on the amount of water to drink based on the liquids lost through sweating.

News also for sleeping: Galaxy Watch5 automatically activates the default settings of lights, air conditioners and connected TVs through Smarthings in order to create the most reconciling environment for night rest. The fall detection function is also present: it sends a message to the emergency contact in case the user falls out of bed at night and does not react.

They also improve resistance and autonomy: Galaxy Watch 5 has 13% more battery compared to the previous model and has a sapphire front glass that is virtually impossible to scratch.

The real novelty, however, is the Galaxy Watch5 Pro: it’s made of reinforced sapphire glass and has a titanium case with a protruding touch bezel to protect the screen. The sphere is wider, 45 mm, and we are facing a device designed specifically for outdoors.

Samsung, thanks to the wider body, has managed to insert an even larger battery, 60% more than the Watch 4. However, making the Watch designed for hikers “pro” is software: the user can in fact loads GPX mapping tracks and the system also has a Track Back mode that takes the user back to the starting point backwards on the route taken.

Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be available for pre-order in Italy from August 10 and will be available in stores from August 26. The large 44mm model is available in Graphite, Sapphire and Silver and the small 40mm model is available in Graphite, Pink Gold and Silver with a Bora Purple strap. Galaxy Watch5 is available from €299 for Bluetooth and €349 for LTE models.

Instead, Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be available in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium colors with a 45mm display, starting at €499 for the Bluetooth version and €549 for the LTE models.

As for the Flip, there is also the Bespoke Edition for the Watch 5: whoever buys the watch on can create their own watch by choosing the model, size, case and strap colour, reaching up to 1032 exclusive combinations.

In Italy, users who purchase Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch5 Pro in pre-order from August 10 to 25 will have the opportunity to receive Galaxy Buds Live headphones for free.

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