Fabrizio Corona: “Carlos would like a son, we are going to move to Los Angeles. Little girl? She loves her madly”

Fabrizio Corona and his son Carlos spoke in the weekly Chi: the project of a new life in Los Angeles, the love that unites the 20-year-old to his mother Nina Moric and Carlos’s relationship with Sara Barbieri.

Carlos and Fabrizio Corona, source: Who

Carlos and Fabrizio Corona, source: Who

Fabrizio Corona and his son gave a long interview to the weekly Chi, on the occasion of the twentieth birthday of Charles. Nina Moric was not present at the party that was held in Noto, but this does not mean that there is not an excellent relationship between mother and son. Every little divergence from the past seems to have smoothed over.

Nina Moric absent from Carlos’s birthday, the son’s comment

Carlos Corona explained that the fact that Nina Moric was not present on her birthday does not influence their relationship. On the contrary, he hopes to see her once he returns to Milan, because he wishes to maintain a harmonious relationship with her:

For me this was not a problem, she and I are connected, regardless of the birthday, we love each other very much, I will see her when I return to Milan. I want there to be some harmony, you have to work with that, but you can find it.

Fabrizio Corona also had his opinion on the matter: “Carlos is very good and very patient with his mother who is going through a difficult time, really difficult, but she is always his mother. She, of course, loves him. And Carlos always tries to make her feel, if not good, better. . . He loves her madly, she has no grudges, he is a boy -beyond everything- strong and mature ”.

Nina Moric on the fight with Fabrizio Corona: “This deal is not acceptable”

The relationship between Carlos and Sara Barbieri, Fabrizio Corona’s girlfriend

Sara Barbieri and Fabricio Corona

Sara Barbieri and Fabricio Corona

Carlos Corona also spoke about his relationship with Sara Barbieri, who was present on his birthday. He explained that he gets along with her, in addition to her because -by nature of her- when he notices that something is wrong, he immediately points it out. He prefers to clarify rather than let minor misunderstandings undermine a relationship:

I get along with people, I’m affectionate, at first I’m wrong I’m not one of those who closes, I’m one of those who talk, who chatter, open, then Sara from time to time saves me and protects me from slightly risky situations even fun, playful, but still a little extreme, which dad would like to combine.

The dreams of Carlos Corona: a new life in Los Angeles and a son

Carlos and Fabrizio Corona, source: Who

Carlos and Fabrizio Corona, source: Who

Fabrizio Corona spoke about the hectic life he has had in the last 20 years, between successes, loves and problems with the law. His personal facts had an impact on Carlos’s serenity: “We are towards the end, we are projected towards a future that smells of the future”. At this point Carlos intervened who revealed: “We have this project that is to end this sentence, of a year and a half, and move to Los Angeles. […] In the next ten years I would like to find a partner, start a family”. Fabrizio Corona, then, concluded the interview with a “background”:

He told me tonight that he would like a baby right away, so I become the father of any baby, as well as the father of the father! He has a very simple life because I solve all his problems.

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