At the bottom of the ocean there is access to “another world”: they spot creatures never seen before

Avvistate nuove creature oceaniche. E cambia ogni cosa su ciò che sapevamo

If what we know about land creatures is very little, imagine how mysterious they can be ocean creatures that move in our waters at any time of the day and night.

In fact, there are many scientists trying to shed light on life in the deep ocean. And recently, someone has achieved it, discovering that the gods move between the sand, the rocks and the currents. beings never seenable to open the doors to another world.

Ocean Creatures and Bioluminescence

Okay, yes. A team of scientists led by the author and researcher Michelle Nijhuis has put a lot of effort into analyzing the creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean. In particular, the team focused on three macro themes: mystery, discovery, and innovation. To try to even out the issues, the scientists agreed to start from a peculiarity of these creatures, namely bioluminescence.

For the uninitiated, bioluminescence is a phenomenon (very widespread on the seabed) by which living organisms they emit a more or less dim light. To do this, they trigger specific chemical reactions, interesting from many points of view. The most important thing to know in this context is that messages can also be transmitted through bioluminescence.

New creatures sighted and mysteries to discover

Analyzing different areas of the Earth and starting from bioluminescence, scientists have discovered new animal species at the bottom of the ocean, coming from the deepest and most hidden abysses, still unexplored. True new worlds that, however, have somehow given life to adaptable and multifaceted creatures, capable of approaching the oceanic ecosystem in a versatile way.

The discovery was due to light trails that these creatures have left behind by doing something unthinkable: traveling enormous distances to get from the bottom of the sea to the surface. The analyzed light trails contain a wealth of unexpected and strange chemical information, rich in complex data that gives other creatures cues and precise suggestions about what to do and how to get around.

But that’s not all, because the bioluminescent paths traced by these marine creatures also allow their peers (and others) not to suffer.

The Potential of Ocean Creature Trails

That’s right: According to what Michelle Nijhuis’ team discovered, sea creatures are exposed to many pathogens and have evolved a surprising array of chemical defenses to protect themselves. These chemicals are capable of protect other sea creatures of pain and viruses and it is hypothesized that they can also be transformed into treatments for humans.

In the coming months, new teams of scientists, including biologists and pathologists, will try to study trails and, if possible and without interfering with their ecosystem, they will also try to deepen knowledge of these new creatures that seem to open the doors to new abysmal and mysterious worlds, as complex as they are intriguing because they are capable of endowing the species that inhabit them with all the credentials to survive in unpredictable ways.

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