Apple partners with Kim Kardashian on Beats headphones

Kim Kardashian broke the news in her own way, obviously on Instagram where she has an audience of potential buyers equal to 328 million people. “I am very happy to share with you the news that the Beatsbydre win 3 neutral colors Beats Fit Pro, designed by me, is coming! Can’t wait for you to try them, starting August 16.” A few lines and a few photos of the most famous of the Kardashian clan were enough to turn true wireless headphones into one of the most talked about topics on Instagram (where in a few hours they already exceeded two million and 700 thousand likes received, incalculable). comments) and all social networks.

Kim Kardashian’s Beats Fit Pro headphones: what they look like

Beats is a company that produces audio accessories and is controlled by Apple. Among its flagship products are the Beats Fit true wireless headphones (also available in a Pro version) that have vfirmer fit for athletes and deeper bass for music lovers. The Beats Fit Pro, like its “cousins” AirPods, include active noise cancellation and offer the same integration with the entire Apple ecosystem. The novelty of this model designed by Kim Kardashian is the color: nude (or naked, to put it in English) that blends perfectly with the color of your skin. Very similar in shades to those of skims dress and underwear collection, always designed by the most famous of the Kardashians. Three possible colors, from lightest to darkest.

Apple beats Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Beats Fit Pro: Where to Buy Them

The headphones are only available for purchase in the US and UK, Canada, France, Germany and Japan, for now. They will be available from August 16 (also online on the company website) at the same price as the classic model, or about $200 in the US. Other technical features of the product include resistance to sweat and water, a long-lasting battery (up to 24 hours in the case) and the Apple H1 chip.

Kim Kardashian and Beats Fit Pro, the story of how the idea was born

In a video published by the company to promote the product, Kim Kardashian explains that the idea was born from her: “I had already had an artist paint my headphones and I was wondering, why not go directly to Beats? with a color palette that adapts to skin color? “. Now, continued the entrepreneur, “it is wonderful to see that my vision has become exactly what I expected.”

The alternatives to the Beats Fit Pro: the Airpods

Apple beats Kim Kardashian

The third generation of AirPods is getting closer to the Pro version. Shorter temples, pressure sensor and improved audio quality, here we have tested them for you.

You can buy them here on Amazon

The alternatives to Beats Fit Pro: the AirPods Pro

Apple beats Kim Kardashian

The “top” model of AirPods has now been enriched with a new MagSafe compatible case.

You can buy them here on Amazon

The “retro” Beats Flex

Apple beats Kim Kardashian

The Beats Flex cost less than 50 euros, integrate Apple technology and have an old-school design that has become increasingly fashionable lately, between different generations. These are wireless headphones ideal for any daily activity that is not too burdensome.

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