Amendola-Neri separation, Claudio blurts out ‘I broke my cxxo’

Claudio Amendola

After a week in which the news of the imminent separation between Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri has occupied the covers of all gossip magazines, the affected decides to break the silence and his words are very harsh.

claudio amendola

Claudio Amendola is among the most loved Italian actors of all time, being a very reserved and kind person and a very successful professional, they have led the public to be fascinated with him, both on the big and small screen. both in his private life, which has always intrigued him, his love affair with Francesca Neri has been in the spotlight several times, even though they try to keep a low profile, just these days the uproar broke out that literally overwhelmed them.

Claudio has always given body and soul to his work and the great successes achieved are proof of this, he found incredible success also thanks to the successful fiction, much loved by Italians, ‘The Cesaroni’, although when the Amendola series came out he was already very famous, this led him to be even closer to his audience, who found his character very identifiable.

At his side thick actors like the incredible Elena Sofia Ricci. In addition, Claudio’s great talent is that of being a chameleon, he manages to go from light and extremely ironic roles to others that are more controversial, difficult and dark, as in his masterful performance in the film Suburra, which was a success with the public and critics.

His career, as mentioned before, is dotted with great successes, his private life, on the other hand, has had some moments that are not exactly easy, like that terrible heart attack that overwhelmed him when he returned from a normal day of work on the set, it was the intervention of his wife, Francesca Neri, who saved his life.

These days the couple is in the center of media attention for the indiscretion regarding their separation. a devastating situation for Claudio who has decided to break the silence.

claudio amendola

Claudio Amendola breaks the silence about the separation with Neri

In recent days, a fact has come to everyone’s attention that has left fans speechless, there was talk of the breakup between Claudio Amendola and his wife Francesca Neria marriage of more than twenty years that over the years has been more solid than ever on more than one occasion.

Ever since they met on the set of strong hands the two never left and together they have faced really difficult momentsincluding Francesca’s illness, well, their story hasn’t always been a walk in the park, but together they have always supported each other.

Then Claudio decided to break the silence and talks about the news of the separation to the microphones of DiPiù TV in these terms, “It’s absolutely false, for God’s sake. I do not understand who could have put such a rumor in circulation. Please, let’s not joke.”

claudio amendola

This scoop seems to have made him especially angry and, by categorically denying the rumors about their possible separation, he wants to give a firm point to the issue that saddens him deeply.

We hope that it really is so, they are a beautiful couple onThe last time we heard a categorical denial was that of Ilary Blasi at the Verissimo microphones… well, the rest is history.

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