Adriano Celentano, the dedication of love to Claudia Mori for 58 years of marriage: “When we were little…”. And throws a blow at politics – Il Fatto Quotidiano

After 58 years together, they are still “the most beautiful couple in the world.” Hadrian Celentano choose social media for a moving love dedication to claudia died, a few days before their 58th wedding anniversary, celebrated on July 14. For an act of love, a dedication to his life partner, his song dated 2013 reappears today on Celentano’s social networks “I don’t remember (since that day you)” written by Giuliano Sangiorgi and performed by Negramaro, with the video that accompanied it where to move there is photos, clips, snapshots that portray Celentano and Claudia Mori in some moments of the private life lived together. Presenting the video of the song, a message where he distances himself, at least for a while, from the political and social issues that characterize all his publications: “I seem to understand that things are not going well… and waiting to attack.” someone or maybe ALL, to make me forgive, I send you a video of when Claudia and I were little…”, writes Celentano, who on Instagram signs a non-existent “L”.

58 years have passed since Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori, at 3:30 in the morning of July 14, 1964, gave the fateful yes in the church of San Francesco in Grosseto, haggling thanks to the early morning schedule the assault of photographers and reporters who had been following them for weeks. The ‘Molleilato’ and Claudia Mori had met in the early 60s, when Adriano was already a legend who sold millions of records: their love story began on the set of the movie “A strange guy” in 1963, where they played together for the first time. It was immediately true love, so much so that Adriano left Milena Cantù and a year later married Claudia Moroni (Mori’s real name).

To marry them in the evening, with a clever diversion from the press that had long been on the trail of the wedding of the year, was Father Ugolino, a Franciscan friar from Grosseto, Hadrian’s spiritual adviser and many other celebrities. “Claudia’s wedding dress had been in the convent for a month. He practically used it to go to church. Not even the friars of the convent knew about the wedding, because Adriano had chosen that moment precisely to keep the secret”, said the friar in the following years.

From that wedding an artistic and human union was born between the oldest of the Italian jet set: Adriano and Claudia sing and act together, she enters the famous Clan, of which over the years she will become the backbone, architect of diversification of the publishing activities of the family record company (DVDs, internet, books, fiction), as well as manager-agent for her husband. Those who know them well say that Claudia took on the entire burden of organizing her professional and family life. let Adriano focus all his energy on his artistic activity. And judging by the results, which have propelled it to the top of record sales and TV ratings for more than 50 years, it seems the partnership has worked really well.

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