Ryanair strike, 5 months without flights: here’s where and why

Ryanair is one of the airlines low cost best known in the world and thanks to its low prices it allows millions of people to travel every year for vacations, for work or for other needs. But the next five months could be pretty rough for travelers. In fact, a series of strikes are planned that will last until the unions’ goals are achieved.

The summer of 2022 should have been the summer of the resumption of travel, and it was, but there were some problems in the management of shifts, schedules and in general with the adjustment of salaries to the cost of living. To this end, the unions of Ryanair workers, crew members and pilots have called a Strike that will last for five months and that includes events every week, from Monday to Thursday, and, consequently, inconvenience for travelers. According to initial estimates, they will be 1.4 million the people who until the end of the summer will suffer hardship due to the strikes at Ryanair’s Spanish office.

But the workers have reached the limit and ask, without backing down, 22 days of vacation. two months extra payment by year. According to the unions, Ryanair It has not made the slightest attempt to approach the employees’ posts and, in some cases, there have been episodes of dismissal by the company after the strikes. Also according to the company, the strikes for the next five months they will not cause inconvenience and inconvenience to travellers, in particular at the reference offices of striking employees. These are the airports that could be affected after the Ryanair strikes and why.

Ryanair strike: where snags will happen

The joint action of Uso and Sitclpa will involve several Spanish airports. The trade unions have planned and organized at least five month strike. From Thursday August 8 to January 7, 2023 there will be events every week. Some large Spanish airports will participate.

These will include, at least as far as we know:

  • Madrid’s airport;
  • Malaga airport;
  • airport of Barcelona;
  • alicante airport;
  • Seville airport;
  • Palma airport;
  • Valencia airport;
  • Girona airport;
  • Santiago de Compostela airport;
  • Ibiza airport.

If we take only August 7 as an example, more than 10 flights have been canceled and there have been 233 Ryanair delays at Spanish airports. Other routes also suffered problems, such as Milan, Rome, London and Hamburg.

Ryanair strike without flights? According to the company there will be no problems

Faced with five months of strike, the Ryanair company has confirmed that there will be no inconvenience for travelers. Unions that want to strike for economic, salary and working conditions reasons may not have the desired effect, which is to put the company against the wall. In fact, Ryanair has made it known that there will be no interruptions and inconvenience to business operations, if not minimal.

In addition, the communication indicates that an agreement has recently been reached with the main Spanish union on salaries, shifts and staff remuneration. Other guilds, however, such as Uso and Sitcpla, have not stopped yet and want to continue for improve working conditions for employees.

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