iPhone, the percentage of battery returns with iOS 16. But not in all models: here are the excluded ones

Apple goes back, the battery level with the new system iOS 16 (now in beta) will also be visible on the home screen without entering the control center or using a widget. However, not all iPhones will be able to do this.

A small change for iPhones but apparently very well received by users. With iOS 16, the new operating system that will arrive on iPhones in September (here are the models), Apple has finally brought back the battery percentage in the status bar, top right. A small but useful number, especially for those with dead phone anxiety. The percentage had disappeared with the arrival of the iPhone X, which led to the infamous notch or notch in the iPhone, or the cutout on the screen that restricts the useful space for the status bar. The percentage was only accessible “by estimation”, by observing that the battery bar decreased. Or, to get a precise number linked to the remaining autonomy, pulling down from the upper right corner and entering the control center of the iPhone. Or again, by placing a widget on the home screen. With iOS 16 things will return to the pre-iPhone X era, at least as we understand it with the latest version of the “beta” of iOS 16, made available to developers on Monday, August 8 (also in public beta soon, accessible to all).

How does it work

As of beta 5 of iOS 16, accessible to all with the procedure that allows you to install a beta of the operating system for the iPhone, the battery percentage will remain disabled by default. However, it will suffice to go to Settings, choose Battery and check the “battery percentage” option. The number will become visible inside the battery icon, which remains white (or black) in normal mode, yellow in power saving mode, green when the iPhone is charging.

What models are excluded

However, according to what emerges from the beta, the battery percentage will not go up again on all iPhones that can be upgraded to iOS 16. Some models seem to be excluded, apparently due to the small size of the screen (the mini) or because of the other less clear reasons. The option will be activated in:
– the new iPhone 14 coming (what will they be like? Latest rumors)
– all iPhone 13 except iPhone 13 mini
– all iPhone 12 except iPhone 12 mini
– iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
– iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max
-iPhone X.
So, since the beta version, it seems that the battery percentage indicator on the home screen will not be available in iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini Y iPhone 13mini. Being a beta version, things could still change.
We remind you that the beta version of iOS, like all betas, should only be installed if you are “aware” users and always remembering that, due to its beta nature, it can lead to malfunctions and even serious errors. If you decide to do this, you need to have a backup of your data available, and it’s even smarter not to do it on the iPhone you use every day as your primary phone.

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